What? You never heard this before? Goats can swim.

The Deep Blue

Do goats 🐏 have the capability to swim in the ocean 🏝? The answer is YES 👍, as long as the waves are not too large 🌊. From birth, goats are natural swimmers 🏊 that must find food in the wild. 🐐 Wild goats and kri kri ibex will swim to get to new grazing areas, even if that requires swimming 🏝. Domesticated and hybrids goats are unlikely to swim, and most will avoid it. However, domesticated goats will not hesitate to swim if they need to get to new grazing areas 😋. Wild goats are able to swim longer and further than domesticated goats 🗺.

Wild Goat swim in the sea close up
Wild Goat swim in the sea

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