1. Reservations & Payments

1.1. Reservations can be made by contacting Kri Kri ibex private company., herein after referred to as the “Company” of your booking agent.

1.2. The hunts are booked and confirmed only on receipt of deposit of the hunt’s rate (trophy/ies) to the international tur agent. This deposit is due within three (3) days of making the reservation. There shall be no binding contract until the deposit has been paid. Failure to remit your deposit on time may result in an automatic release of the confirmed space/dates and the possible inability to reinstate your reservation. When the Company acknowledges receipt in writing of the deposit to you, it shall be deemed to constitute acceptance and confirmation of the reservation.

1.3. The balance is due to 90 days before your arrival for your hunt . The hunt starts if the balance is paid as mentioned above.

  1. Cancellations & Refunds

2.1. Any cancellation of a reservation must be in writing and shall only be effective upon its acknowledged receipt by the Company Cancellation charges shall apply in the following circumstances:

(I) Cancellation 181 days prior to hunt starting date, the full deposit is refunded less a €2500 per hunting client handling fee.

(II) Cancellation 180 to 91 days prior to safari starting date, the full deposit is forfeited.

(III) Cancellation 90 days or less, the total safari cost is forfeited.

(IV) For carry over the hunt for following year would be at the option of Company.

2.2. If you are a “no show”, the Company shall be entitled to treat your reservation as cancelled without having given the Company any notice and the provisions of Paragraph 2.1 (iii) shall apply. Also for carry over the following year would be at the option of Company.

2.3. Any request to vary your reservation must be in writing and the Company’s agreement there to shall be at its sole discretion. If the Company agrees to vary your reservation as requested, it reserves the right to charge of an administration fee which shall be presented to you in writing and which is payable no later than 7 days alter such notification.

  • No refunds are given (1) for lost travel time or substitution of facilities, areas, hunters, camps and dates, (2) for itineraries amended after departure, (3) air circumstances arising beyond the Company’s control, necessitating alternative arrangements be made to ensure the safety and/or further participation and enjoyment of your safari. (4) If you do not appear for any accommodations, service, sightseeing or trip segment without notifying the Company or (5) if you leave your safari after it has begun, miss any scheduled sightseeing, activities, or accommodations.
  • A deposit and signed contract are required to confirm the reservation. Balance payable on invoice 90 days before the hunt starts. There will be no refund after the hunt start. Hunt is good until trophy is taken or wounded, or two reasonable chances have been missed or passed over.
  1. Risks

3.1. The Company draws your attention to the fact that there are certain inherent risks involved in participating in the type of trip; sold by the Company and that you accept them at your own risk.

3.2. It is your sole responsibility to take all appropriate medical advice prior to departure as to whether you are fit enough to undertake the trip booked. The Company shall not be liable for illness, injury or death sustained on a program sold by the Company which is not due to the gross negligence of the Company, its officers, employees, authorized representatives or agents whomsoever.

  1. Force Majeure

4.1. “Force Majeure” means, in relation to the Company, any circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the Company (including, but without limitation, explosion, flood, tempest, fire or accident, war or threat of war, sabotage, insurrection, civil disturbance, or requisition, sickness, quarantine, government intervention, weather conditions or other untoward occurrences) .

4.2. If the Company is affected by “Force Majeure” it shall forthwith notify you of the nature and extent thereof.

4.3. The Company shall not be deemed to be in breach of these terms and conditions or otherwise be liable to you, by reason of delay in performance, or by non-performance, of any of its obligations hereunder to the extent that any such delay or non-performance is due to any “Force Majeure”.

  1. Insurance

The Company strongly recommends that you obtain the following types of insurance which are commercially available and are not offered by us. Accidental death and disability, Major Medical, Emergency medical evacuation, Loss of personal effects, Trip cancellation.

  1. Import Permits & Trophy Shipment

Trophy Shipment can take 3 to 15 months from some countries due to local regulations. The client is fully responsible to getting necessary import permit for his country and to pay the cost for the transport and all taxes connected with the transport of the trophies.

  1. Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions govern the relationship between the Company and you, to the total exclusion of any other terms and conditions. No alteration to the terms and conditions may be made by any of the Company employees, authorized representatives or agents, unless in writing by an authorized officer of the Company. All decisions and matters subject to the Company’s discretion shall be made by the Company shall be made by an authorized officer of the Company.

  1. Baggage

Temporary or permanent loss of baggage is the responsibility of you or the carrier.

  1. Travel Documents & Vaccinations

It is your responsibility to ensure that passports, visas, travel permits, health certificates, inoculations, international driving license, or other documentation required for the trip are obtained and are in order. It is your responsibility to meet any additional costs incurred either by yourself (or by the Company on your behalf as a result of any failure by you to comply with such requirements).

  1. Special requests

You must advise the Company in writing of any special requests, e.g. diet or facility, when you submit your reservation to the Company. The Company will meet any such requests, if possible.

  1. Confidentiality

Signing this agreement, the client declares that they undertake to protect and not distribute any business secrets of Kri Kri ibex private company,  and their partners which have become known to them in connection with the hunt arising out of this contract concluded with the company for the duration of the contract effects, and up to 5 years after its termination. Business secrets within the meaning of this point are any information, facts or circumstances relating to: hunting areas, hotels, hunting lodges and guides, prices and hunting organization related with the hunt; the realization of the hunting trip in all its phases and stages; other clients and hunting territories, their employees, as well as employees of Kri Kri ibex Ltd. any subcontractors, prices and other conditions of this contract, as well as promotion and/or advertising of anyone of the partners of the companies or subcontractors involved in the safari/hunt to third parties.

  1. Information in the Brochure and web site

All information given in company’s brochure and web site is, to the best of the Company’s knowledge, correct at the time of going to press, but the Company reserves the right to change the same. The photographs reproduced and information provided in the brochure depict typical scenes experienced and details on each destination; but the subject matter may not necessarily be seen or experienced while visiting that destination.

  1. Photography

The Company reserves the right without further notice to make use of any photography or film taken on the trip by our staff for general purposes without payment or permission. Where a client makes available to the Company photographs of their own, the Company reserves the right to make use of such photos. The Company will give to the client the film and photos made during their hunt complimentary.

  1. Disputes

If you have any cause for complaint while travelling, you must immediately bring it to the attention of the Company’s local representative or agent who will attempt to resolve the situation.

  1. Consent

The payment of the deposit or any other partial payment for a reservation on a safari constitutes consent to all provisions of the conditions and general information contained in company’s web site, brochure or the price list. The terms under which you agree to take these safaris cannot be changed or amended except in writing signed by an authorized officer of the Company.

  1. Conditions of Booking

You shall always comply with the instructions of the Company’s representatives. No client shall be accepted or be permitted to continue a safari while their status of mental or physical condition is, in the opinion of any representative of the Company, such as to render them incapable of caring for themselves or make themselves objectionable to other clients or become a hazard to themselves or other clients and the Company will not be responsible for expenses by such persons precluded from completing the safari for this reason.

  1. Notice of Enforceability

Please remember: When you book travel and hunting related services with the Company, you are entering into a binding agreement that assumes all terms and conditions are fully understood as stated in company’s brochure, web site & price list.

NOTE: All trophy and daily fees, hunting, terms and condition subject to change without notice, by the Wildlife Department of the countries you have booked and Company is not responsible for this kind of changes and client accept to pay possible extra fee or government tax increases for more than 5% compared to the previous hunting season when the contract is concluded .

Hunting regulations

Sapientza island 2021-2022

Heraklion, September 23, 2021
By order of the Coordinator
Decentralized Administration
The Deputy General Manager
Spatial and Environmental Policy
No. 166635
Approval of the hunting program of the
of the Hunting Area (EKP) of the Island of
pintzas Methoni, for the hunting season
2021- 2022.
Taking into consideration:
1. Article 1 of Law 2647/1998 “Transfer of
in the Regions and the Local Government and others
provisions “(AD237).
2. Law 3852/2010 “New Architecture of the Local Government
and Decentralized Administration-Program
Kallikrates “(AD87).
3. The p.d. 139/2010 “Organization of Decentralized
Administration, Peloponnese, Western Greece and Ionian »
(AD 232).
4. Articles 28 and 28A of Law 4325/2015 “Democracy-
Management – Fighting Bureaucracy
and e-Government. Correction of injustices
and other provisions ”(AD 47).
5. The no. 15870 / 15-5-2017 decision of the Minister
“Appointment of Nikolaos Papatheodos-
Angelakis as Coordinator of Decentralized
Administration of the Peloponnese, Western Greece and the Ionian »
(ΥΟΔΔ 250).
6. The no. 141194 / 23-6-2017 decision of the
of the Decentralized Administration of the Peloponnese,
Western Greece and the Ionian “Transfer of right
signature “By order of the Coordinator” to the supervisor
of the Directorate-General for Forests and Rural Affairs
as well as to the Heads of its Services
General Directorate of Forests and Agricultural Affairs
of the Decentralized Administration of Peloponnese, West
Of Greece and the Ionian ”(ΒΔ 2262).
7. Articles 253 and 254 of n.d. 86/1969 «Peri Dasi-
Code ”as amended by the Articles
3 and 4 of Law 177/1975 (AD 205), as article 3 of
was replaced by article 29 of law 2040/1992
8. The par. 3 of article 3 of p.d. 453/1977 “About
of Controlled Hunting Areas and
terms and conditions for hunting in them “
(AD 141).
9. The no. 235228/5821/1977 decision of the Minister
of Georgia ‘On the characterization and establishment of
Hunting Areas in the Atalanta Islands
si, Elafonisos, Antipaxos, Sapienza and Schiza ”(Β΄ 1041).
10. The no. 154568/2102 / 10-8-2017 circular
order of the Ministry of Environment and Energy
“Setting minimum fees for issuing a special permit
and minimum prey values of the
Hunting Areas managed by
the Forest Services “(ΑΔΑ: 7ΓΟΨ4653Π8-63Λ).
11. The no. 165182 / 16-9-2021 document of Dasar-
Kalamata University, which submitted the program
of hunting period 2021 – 2022, of E.K.P. Island
Sapienzas, compiled by the Supervisor of E.K.P.
Kyriako Pikoula.
12. The fact that this decision does not
expenditure is incurred at the expense of the State Budget,
we decide:
We approve the hunting program of the Controlled
Hunting area (EKP) of Sapienza Island for
Hunting season 2021-2022, as follows:
Article 1
For someone to hunt in Controlled Hunting
Sapienza Island area required:
1. The possession of a common hunting license, ie: General, Pe-
regional, Local that also applies to the Prefecture
Of Messinia.
2. Obtaining the special hunting license in
Controlled Hunting Area.
Article 2
To obtain a special hunting license in
Ε.Κ.Π. the hunter concerned must
how or his legal representative, to submit to
Kalamata Forest Service:
1. Application with its details (surname, first name, first name
father, occupation, home address, Certificate Number
Police Identity Card, Tax Non-
troy, Hunting license number and type) and
date he wants to chase the rest
team members.
2. Photocopy of the Thera License (second, third
and current visa). The foreign hunters
provide and translated hunting license
of their country.
3. The required amount of money.
4. Proof – Receipt of payment of the lease-
for transport to and from the Island
Sapienza with the contracted ship.
Article 3
The hunt begins on Monday, November 1, 2021 and
ends on Tuesday 7 December 2021.
Hunting days for the period from
1-11-2021 to 3- 12-2021 are defined every: Monday, Tuesday
on Wednesday and Thursday.
Hunting days for the period from 6-12-
2021 to 7-12-2021 are set for Monday and Tuesday.
The hunt can start one (1) hour after
sunrise and ends at 14:00 noon.
Article 4
1. The price of the Special License is determined as follows:
a) For the Messinian hunters € 35.00.
b) For the other Greek hunters, the citizens
Member States of the European Union and their
foreign countries (outside the EU) residing in
Greece over 15 years, € 50.00.
c) For foreign nationals outside the EU € 100.00.
2. The prices of the special licenses are charged with VAT.
3. The special permit is valid for only one day of hunting.
4. Hunters of foreign nationals (outside the EU) outside
from the special permit must be provided with general
hunting license issued by the Forest Service
lamata paying the corresponding fees as such
defined by the annual decision
Thera of the Ministry of Environment and Energy,
which are as follows:
a) Up to 15 days: € 60.00 and b) Up to two (2) months:
€ 120.00. In addition, the presentation of an insured
contract covering the hunter in
fall of a hunting accident in the country.
Article 5
1. The conduct of the hunt during the
but from 1-11-2021 to 3-12-2021 it will be done only against
groups in the presence of a mandated body.
2. Each day of hunting during the above time
system can hunt up to twelve (12)
hunters divided into three (3) groups (2 to 4 hunters
per group).
3. On Monday 6 and Tuesday 7 December they can
to hunt up to eight (8) individual hunters each
day in whose name the Special Issue has not been reissued
License during the current hunting season.
4. The transfer of hunters from Methoni to N.
Sapienza is made only with the contracted by Da-
bay boat. The minimum rent is the amount
of four hundred and ninety-six (€ 496.00) euros
including VAT (24%), which will be shared
equal to each hunter if possible
route with less than eight (8) hunters. Pe-
for eight (8) hunters the rent is set at the amount
of sixty two (€ 62.00) including
VAT (24%) per hunter.
Article 6
1. Special hunting licenses shall be issued by the
archive of Kalamata
(No special hunting licenses are issued in EKP).
2. Those interested in hunting must submit
put in the Kalamata Forest Service what is provided
for the issuance of a special permit supporting documents
referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2 of Article 2 hereof
Thera Program. Applications are accepted by
publication of this Program in the Journal
Government until Tuesday 30 November
from 08:00 to 13:00.
Each application is logged. The protocol number
determines the order of priority. The applications
submitted are sorted by day of hunting
and hunters or legal representatives are notified
their persons by e-mail (e-mail) such as
within the prescribed period shall pay the required
amount of money for the issuance of the Special Permit
and provide a photocopy of the Receipt –
Proof of rent for the
their transfer to and from Sapienza Island with
contracted boat for all hunting days.
Non-payment of the amount for the issue
of the Special Permit and the non-presentation of the
– Document of payment of rent for
their transfer to and from Sapienza Island,
even by a group hunter, excludes her
entry to the E.K.P. the whole team. His payment
amount of money for the issuance of the Special License
is done exclusively by deposit / transfer to
personal account of the service
The bank account of the hunter or the legal one
of his representative.
In case the same day they are proposed to
chase two groups of chases that make up
by two hunters the team, is given the opportunity to
service to merge the teams into
one in order to chase another team.
No changes are made to the hunters that
make up the teams.
3. Applicant hunters in person or legally
represented by their representatives, must be
obtain the special hunting permit in a timely manner.
4. In case the hunter does not show up for
hunting on the day designated for it shall not be
to use that day ‘s leave for
another day of hunting and the fee he has paid
5. In case of non-conduct of hunting due
bad weather or other cause, hunting may be carried out
by those who wish and presented themselves for hunting
on the day appointed for them, on Friday
of the current week.
To those hunters who do not want to hunt
and were presented for hunting the day they
was determined, the sums of money are returned
have paid for the issuance of the Special License with
the deposit / transfer of these by the bank
account of the service in the accounts by them
which were deposited / transferred, charged with
the costs of banking transactions. These hunters
or their legal representatives must submit
at the Kalamata Forest Service until Thursday 9 December
November, the Delivery Note – Invoice issued
for this Special Hunting License. For all Special Permits
Thera were not submitted the respective
Invoices – Money amounts are deposited by
the Kalamata Forest Office at the Green Fund. The service
does not bear any responsibility for his return
rent paid for its transfer to
and from Sapienza Island with the contracted sca-
Article 7
1. Hunting is practiced only with a hunting shoulder
a weapon with a smooth barrel and is single-barreled or double-barreled
no or repeating rifle carrying up to three
(3) cartridges in total, of which one (1) in the chamber
both (2) in the warehouse.
2. For hunting will be used exclusively and
only single-barrel cartridges.
3. Dogs are prohibited in hunting. It also requires
the use of radios, binoculars,
etc. as hunting aids. Mobile phones
prohibited from being used as aids
Article 8
1. The hunt is carried out at its absolute discretion
authorized body of E.K.P. when there is a
mental weather conditions and good visibility.
2. The hunting license and the special license shall be delivered to
authorized bodies of E.K.P. before the start of the
and returned at the end of it.
3. The positions that will be chased by the hunting teams
are determined before the start of the hunt and before
boarding the boat. In case more
groups interested in hunting in the same place
there will be a draw.
4. Hunter teams are always accompanied by
authorized bodies of the Controlled Hunting Field
area, the indications of which must be
κούουν. Hunters must take all necessary
urgent measures to prevent any form of accident and
safe use and transport of their hunting
weapons. The Service does not bear any responsibility for any
injury or accident while hunting.
During the hunt the hunters are obliged to
to wear a garment on their torso
phosphorescent orange (excluded
single lane), visible from any point of view to
accident prevention.
5. It is forbidden to remove hunters from
their team. Removal is also prohibited
from the area designated for hunting
by the authorized bodies of the Controlled Government
area. Careless hunters, dangerous
for the safety of colleagues or employees
of E.K.P. and generally hunters who disobey
suggestions of the bodies of the E.K.P., may be removed
are hidden by the E.K.P. and deprived of hunting
without any other wording or compensation for the current
hunting season.
6. The bodies of E.K.P. can collapse groups
view hunters or individual hunters in groups.
7. It is not allowed to enter the E.K.P. to a hunter
who does not carry a weapon even if he holds a Special License.
8. Hunting by the boat and in the
9. The hunter who injures, in the absolute judgment-
of the authorized body monitoring the
hunting, prey and does not collect it pay the
provided for the prey value and lacks it
the right to enter the E.K.P. for the current cycle
leading period.
10. The hunting of undeveloped hairs is prohibited.
of prey and female chamois. As developed
hairy game means: the wild sheep of the
(3) years old and the chamois of two (2) years old. In case-
injury or death of an undeveloped scalp
prey or female chamois the culprit is charged
with a fine of € 400.00 plus the value of the prey, as
this is specified in column (6) of the table below.
The value of the female chamois is valued at € 500.00 for
all hunters.
11. In case of prey of which the
hunting is prohibited under this program
or deliberately killed undeveloped hairy prey
or female chamois, this act is considered illegal
hunting. In this case, the offenders are prosecuted
criminal with the provisions on hunting and for infringement
hunting regulatory provision (par. 18 of article
287 of n.d. 86/1969) and are deprived of hunting
without any other wording or compensation for the current
hunting season. The prey and the means of hunting
confiscated. Confiscated game is sold.
The trophies from the confiscated male prey
remain at the disposal of E.K.P. and the Service.
12. The hunting is stopped in any case
deems this mandated necessary for the conduct
of hunting instrument.
Article 9
By decision of the Director of Forests of Messinia,
by the suggestion of the Kalamata Forest Service, it is possible
to modify or terminate the Program
Article 10
The permitted number of prey and the prices
shown in the table below:
Wild sheep (Ovis aries musimon) Females: 10
1 per hunting season € 140.00 € 180.00 € 350.00 €
Wild sheep (Ovis aries musimon) Males: 20 1 per hunting season € 170.00 € 210.00 € 370.00
Capricorn (Capra aegagrus cretica) Males: 25
1 per hunting season € 250.00 € 320.00 € 500.00

VAT is added to the above prices. 24%.
In case of completion of the total
the remaining number of prey of the Hunting Season
the hunting of this type of prey is stopped.
If during the hunt the o
number is justified to exceed it in time
time required to inform hunters
from the bodies of E.K.P ..
Article 11
1. After the end of the hunt the authorized instrument
of E.K.P. will issue to the hunter Sales Invoice
of the Service and the value of the prey will be collected
by deposit / transfer to her bank account
service. The clipping that will be given to the hunter
is a legal title of possession of the prey that
listed on it, for transport, etc. of them.
2. The price of the prey killed when it is hunted
by a group consisting of Messinians and others
Greek hunters, or hunters of nationals –
Member States of the European Union is determined by price
listed in column (5) of the table above.
If the group has foreign hunters of other foreigners
non-EU countries then the price is determined by the column
(6) of the table.
Article 12
The departure of the hunters and the commissioners
organs of E.K.P. N. Sapienza from the port of Me-
thonis will take place at 07:45 – 08:00 and return from
Sapienza at 14:30 – 15:00.
If for any reason or reason, departure does not
held until 08:30, the hunt is postponed.
Article 13
1. It is forbidden to enter and stay in the E.K.P.
any without the permission of the Forest Authority
2. The E.K.P. Sapienza Island can be visited
for scientific, learning and educational purposes
of its flora and fauna and of the
system, those who wish (Associations, Unions,
etc.) after permission of the Kalamata Forest Service
except hunting days. The way, the time, the
behavior and other obligations within the E.K.P.
will be determined by the relevant permit.
3. The visitors to the E.K.P. should watch out for
their safety and accident prevention,
but which is their care and responsibility. The service
does not bear any responsibility for any accident that will occur
during their stay in the E.K.P ..
They still have to protect their prey and
do not disturb their peace.
Article 14
1. Photography, filming is not allowed
of prey and hunting activities
during the hunt as defined by
this program.
The photographing and filming of prey-
outside the above period is only allowed
with the permission of the competent Ministry.
In case of photography or filming
of prey and hunting activities or
ascertainment of the existence of audiovisual material
pre-photography and cinematography
of and hunting activities the culprit is prosecuted
criminal offenses for breach of this Regulation –
prohibitive provision and deprived of the right
2. Hunters must collect and dispose of
hide from the E.K.P. the cartridges used
3. During the period of validity of this
the protection measures in force at the time
4. For matters not regulated by this
letter, which has the position of a hunting regulator,
the general provisions on hunting apply.
5. Any other details regarding its operation
E.K.P., which is not registered in this program,
is determined by the supervisor of EKP, within the framework
of p.d. 453/1977.
6. Violators of the provisions on hunting and
of this regulatory – prohibition provision
are criminal.
7. Holding a special hunting license and entering
visitor to the E.K.P. mean the unreserved
acceptance and application of what is mentioned
This decision to be published in its Journal
Kalamata, September 28, 2021
By Decentralized Administration Coordinator Order
The Director of Forests of Messinia

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