Bullseye on 150 meters with shotgun on a Kri Kri ibex

SCI Record book PENDING

Hunting Kri Kri ibex on the island of Sapienza is not an easy task, but it’s worth it. You need to be handy with a shotgun and good at shooting without optics-which can be difficult if you don’t have proper training! The hunt lasts four days and only 4 hours every day. To win this hunting contest, one has to overcome all these challenges! When someone finally wins the competition, we congratulate them most sincerely. Respect Jens !!! Respect not only for the tremendous old Kri Kri Ibex trophy but also for the incredible shot of 150 meters for the Sapienza mouflon!

Kri Kri ibex

What is the Kri-Kri Ibex?

What is NOT the Kri-Kri Ibex? The Kri-kri ibex is NOT the subspecies of bezoar ibex. Recent scientific genetic studies have disproved that the Kri...

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