What is crucial to know about hunting on Sapientza

Sapientza Island is 300 kilometres from Athens. You can hunt for a trophy Kri Kri Ibex or Sapientza mouflon during the four-day (Monday-Thursday ) expedition in November. If weather conditions prevent the boat from reaching the island, you may hunt on Friday as well. No weekend hunting is allowed. You should book return tickets that are flexible. If a shot draws blood, the hunt will end and the wounded animal will be sought if a shot draws blood. If the animal is wounded and not located while the hunter is present, the animal will be considered dead. The search for the trophy will continue, and the hunter will receive it if it is found. Hunt during the booked hunting days is good until trophy is taken or wounded, or two reasonable chances have been missed or passed over. We begin hunting each morning at 8:00 a.m. at Methoni quay, where we join the forestry official and the hunting representative from the preserve to take the only official hunting boat for a ride. At the moment of our arrival, the sun rises quickly in the sky, bathing the island in its warm rays it is 8:30-8:50 a.m. . We are dropped off at one of the four small docks that the captain decides on, depending on our desires and the sea’s waves’ height.

Kri Kri bexes originated on Crete, where they acquired their name, but over time they crossbred with the local wild goats, resulting in all Kri Kri living in main land parts of Greece being hybrids with distinctive color and sizeable, twisted horns. Sapientza island’s Ibexes, on the other hand, are purebred population introduced from Crete more then 40 years ago and have modest, straight horns.  The island is off limits after 14:00 because it is a pure Kri Kri and mouflon preserve. Nobody may remain overnight on the island. We are unable to visit the island between 8:30 and 14:00 three or four days each week if the weather is fine and the waves aren’t too high, because hunting is then permitted. An hour without being in a hurry, we could conquer any peak we saw an animal at the island’s highest point, which is 200 meters high.
Before the hunting season begins, preparation for Kri Kri hunting begins months in advance. You should apply to the state department in charge of islands and Kri Kri hunting for hunting licenses in order to purchase the number of tags we require in order to allow hunters access to the island.
The hunting program for a particular year determines the quantity of these permits, which are limited in number. Before the hunting program is created and authorized by the Greek government and the Ministry of forests and agriculture, it is months in advance inspected for compliance with rules, terms, and conditions. Usually, minor or infrequent changes are made to these conditions year after year. You may find the previous year’s translated documents on our site.

There are a limited number of hunting licenses available, and the fees associated with them must be paid prior to applying. Applicants who are not awarded a hunting license for the present season will be put on a waiting list for the subsequent season and will be updated on hunting laws. The rules for hunting in this area are mandatory for anyone who wishes to visit, as the region is a protected zone and special access is granted by law. Hunting is performed in groups, as outlined in the government’s plan. Every team has a designated hunting zone and weapon list. We assist you with obtaining all the necessary documents to hunt in the country prior to approaching Greek government officials. The area is open only to hunters using shotguns. If you are unable to take a trophy or shoot and wound an animal, or pass up two reasonable opportunities, you will lose your license. This hunt is good until trophies are taken or wounded or two reasonable chances have been missed or passed over.

All fees for general hunting  licenses for Greece and the local special permit  and all expenses prior to hunting are covered by the price, which includes transportation from Athens to Methoni and back, translation and legalization of all paperwork required for shooting 1 (one) Kri Kri or/and 1 (one) mouflon, leather processing and elaboration, and hunting equipment – shotgun. Hunting guide.  Hunting is individual but in a group with hunting guide, all the time hunters are being accompanied by forestry officials.
Not included are the taxes that could be changed from the government  :
State harvest fee /It is to be defined by the ecologist on duty depending on the antler length and varies between 350 and 800 EUR per adult animal. It is payable directly to the local forestry office by bank, but only in case of harvested game. (This fee is to be approved by the Minister of forests and agriculture each year).
Carriage fee per person by boat to the island /50 EUR per person, if the group exceeds 6 people or 300 EUR shared by the hunters, if less than 6 people. It is payable every day.  VAT 24% – The tax is payable on the whole hunting amount. /All of the above-mentioned prices are excluding VAT/

All hunters must comply with the rules published in the official hunting program. You can see the official translation of the document here hunting regulations.Because of the limited number of hunting licenses being issued for hunting in Sapientza Island, booking the particular dates is limited to the numbers published into the official hunting program for the current year. Booking a particular hunting date requires 50% prepayment. The remaining amount is payable until the hunting start.  Hunters’ number in a group and groups’ number is defined in the official hunting program approved by the Minister of forests and agriculture. In order to get an up-to-date information about the free hunting dates, you can contact us at our company email: info@krikrihunt.com

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