Greece needs assistance to reinstate bow hunting


Give us back the Artemis legacy of bow hunting

Let’s get signatures so that Greek archery can again be legal, so we can once again enjoy the Kri Kri ibex bow hunt ! We have inherited from our forefathers the hunting practice of archery and the archers’ achievements at ancient Olympia. Archery has been a part of our culture for millennia. It was a tradition even in ancient Greece. Today, we are not permitted to hunt with bows and arrows. Why is this so? Who is prohibiting us from preserving our heritage and ancient customs? A smooth-barreled shotgun is the only legal hunting weapon in Greece nowadays. Its extremely poor precision and harm makes it a terrible option as opposed to a bow and arrow. It is humane to use the arrow, which is a silent-slit weapon that generates much less suffering for the hunted creature than the slug bullet, which is loud and frightening. Why is bow and arrow forbidden for hunting in Greece? There are numerous Greek myths about the hunting abilities of Apollo, Artemis, Eros, Orion, Philoctetes, Atalanta, Paris, and Hercules, among other characters, because this was their homeland. We may preserve our traditional hunting customs if we unite in our favorite sport – hunting. Archers are among the most numerous trophy hunters, and we must ensure that this method is preserved, because it is one of the last connections between humans and wildlife. Bow hunting may help the Greek state raise a lot of money if it is legal to hunt with bow, as it may help to protect wildlife and their habitats. The Kri Kri ibex, one of Greece’s most unique animals, is nearly extinct. Let us unite to preserve the ancient art of archery so that we can leave it to our children and grandchildren, as well as the right to bow-hunt.