Kri Kri ibex hunting with the best team in Greece

Hello, dear fellow hunters. Maybe many of you have come to Sapientza Island or to Atlanti Island to try out their luck in hunting the only remaining pure blood ibexes of the kri-kri ibex (Capra aegagrus cretica). No doubt many of you have tried their hand in this type of hunting several times throughout the years without being successful in shooting down their trophy. We know the reason behind that and could help you achieve the success you’ve been longing for. We would like to provide you with our experience and knowledge we have accumulated throughout the years during our hunting expeditions in the islands. We are devoted to our passion for hunting and our desire to help in preserving this ibex, which is one of a kind and resides in our homeland. Hunting is these animals’ only chance of being assigned with some value in this modern and hectic world, where wildlife survives only if it is precious to people. On many occasions we have fetched hunters to the islands and we have participated in hunting in the capacity of professional hunting guides. On many other occasions we have shot down magnificent trophy animals. Many European and American companies that arrange for hunting tourism have hired us and have taken advantage of our experience in the capacity of professional hunters and guides at the islands to make you happy. If you are reading these lines then you are at the right place and with the right people. We are the ones that will turn your stay in Greece into pleasant and unforgettable experience and will see you off happy and satisfied with the achieved results, way we did for many of our friends from USA, Canada, France, Spain, Danmark, Switzerland, Polland, Mexico, Ukraine, Russia, Bulagaria and Germany. Our names are well-known among our partners and they could provide all the references about us. Ask them about Kri Kri ibex LTD. Our guarantee is evidenced by our work and your complete awareness about the terms and conditions of holding the hunting sessions. There are no hidden fees and additional surprises with us. Unlike many other companies that organize hunting around the world, we do it locally. This is our home and we keep sportsmanship in hunting at high esteem. In addition to hunting at Sapientza Island, Greece is more famous for being the best tourist destination globally. Do not miss the chance of spending several days in sightseeing. We are looking forward to welcoming you for your incredible holiday and unforgettable hunting adventure.

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