One-shot, one Kri Kri ibex is enough. Congratulations Rodrigo !

SCI Record book PENDING

Hunting on the island of Sapienza in Greece is a complicated task. The hunters start by going through intense training to become skilled at shooting with smoothbore weapons. Which can be intimidating for some people because it looks easy, and everyone has practiced shotgun hunting. This means that many hunters don’t train themselves how to use an open-sight shotgun with slugs during their hunt. This could be their biggest mistake! But the good shooters only need one shot. And for a hunting guide, stalking and taking down Ibex is just an absolute pleasure. Behind every successful hunt are a good shooter and a professional hunter guide. Congratulations to our hunters on their most challenging hunt – they finally took down the smallest species of the trophy ibexes but could be one of  the TOP 10 at SCI record book! Congratulations Rodrigo !

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