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Ethics vs. Profit: The Stark Reality of Macedonia’s Kri Kri Exploitation The management of wildlife and conservation practices often varies significantly from one region to another. This article explores two contrasting case studies: the sustainable hunting of the Kri Kri ibex on Sapientza Island in Greece, and the high fenced hunting practices in Macedonia. These …

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Kri Kri ibex

什么是Kri-Kri Ibex?

什么不是Kri-Kri山羊?Kri-kri山羊不是牛羚的亚种。最近的科学遗传学研究已经推翻了Kri Kri与牛羚有亲缘关系的说法。另一方面,土耳其的一些狩猎者仍在试图推动这一概念。 鸊鸊山羊(Capra aegagrus cretica)是独一无二的...

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